3D laser marking option | Sic Marking

3D laser marking option

SIC Marking offers an optional 3D marking function for its integrated laser range and marking stations. This function allows to vary the laser beam’s focal length in order to mark on different levels.

With this option, it is possible to perform laser marking on one part at two different height levels or parts of different heights in the same production series. Thanks to the 3D marking option, laser marking on parts with collars, hollow, inclined or rounded surfaces and at different heights is made possible. Height compensation is important and can be up to 80 mm.

Our laser marking head with 3D marking option remains very easy to integrate on all production lines. It is one of the most compact on the market and does not require any maintenance. The adjustment of the working distance is done by software and the head does not move to change the marking area.

The 3D marking option can be added at any time depending on our customer's marking needs.