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The 4 advantages of Laser versus Inkjet.

Ink jet marking machines are still widely used in the manufacture of consumer products. Particularly suitable for the traceability of plastic or cardboard packaging, inkjet traceability systems have many qualities that have made them the first choice of manufacturers for many years.
Nevertheless, laser marking, the latest generation technology in constant evolution, is gradually reversing the trend thanks to its many advantages and is increasingly meeting the needs of high-speed marking.

Working principle of ink jet marking

The ink jet marking method involves the projection of ink drops onto the part to be marked. This technology is very often used to mark moving products and can be easily adapted to different surfaces.

Working principle of laser marking

Laser marking consists of marking characters on a part using a beam amplified by mirrors. It is a cutting-edge technology that has proved its worth in many sectors of activity. Known for its reliability, it offers very high definition marking on all types of materials.

4 advantages of laser versus inkjet

High performance and durability, laser technology offers considerable advantages over inkjet. It is undoubtedly the most promising technology for the years to come.

+ Accuracy: Fibre Lasers are capable of marking Datamatrix, alphanumeric and logo codes on very small surfaces without reducing the marking accuracy.
+ Price: Laser marking requires no consumables and virtually no maintenance.
+ Resistance: The markings are unalterable and can withstand extreme heat and humidity conditions.
+ Ecology: The laser engraving is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and produces no waste.

The SIC Laser Marking range

At SIC Marking, our teams of experts have taken into consideration the different needs of their customers and thus offer unrivalled know-how in terms of laser marking.
The SIC Marking fibre laser range meets many ISO quality requirements. This latest-generation technology has made it possible to develop 2 categories of marking machines:

- Integrable lasers : 

Recognised for their compactness and ease of integration, they adapt to any industrial environment and score at very high rates. It is possible to equip them with options such as 3D or integrated vision.
- EASY 20 and 30W: They have an excellent quality/price ratio and great versatility.
- EASY 50W: Extremely powerful, these lasers allow you to mark in depth and very quickly.
- HD 20W: This class of marking laser offers high-contrast results with reduced cycle times.

- Laser marking workstations :

Our marking workstations can be integrated into production lines or used as stand-alone marking stations. Different sizes are available and can therefore be used to mark large parts.
- L-Box: This laser marking station is very compact and can be easily installed on a table or workbench.
- XL-Box: Very versatile, this box is perfectly adapted to the traceability needs of workshops for an excellent quality/price ratio.
- XXL-Box: The most competitive solution for marking large parts, the XXL-Box has record work volumes.