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Dot peen station with adjustable marking depth


The customer would like to mark alphanumeric data on 30mm raw skins. It is necessary to take into consideration the presence of animal fat and hairs on the skins as well as the peculiarities of the slaughterhouse site. Moreover, the marking area can be located on different areas of the animal's skin (neck and hindquarters) and the marking depth must also be easily adjustable.

Marking Solution

The i113D dot peen marking system penetrates the skins at a constant depth without going through. The stylus assembly is adapted for an adjustable marking depth from 0 to 7mm. Grips around the marking window allow the machine to be held against the skin to be marked. The marking head is mounted on a balancing arm and is mainly made of a stainless steel structure in line with 1.4404 (316L) European standards. Using a barcode reader, the operator scans the data to be marked on the leather and starts the marking cycle. The marking cannot start if the machine doesn’t detect the material to be marked.


  • Dot peen marking on leather skins
  • Alphanumeric marking
  • System complies with 1.4404 (316L) standards
  • Adjustable marking depth from 0 to 7mm