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Dot peen station for cylindrical parts


The customer would like to mark alphanumeric and datamatrix codes on 6 cylindrical parts of different sizes and materials. The marking machine must be able to adjust the height between the part and the stylus for each type of part. It must also meet the requirements of the customer’s standards.

Customer Focus:

The i141 dot peen marking system was chosen for the identification of all parts. It has been mounted on a manual Z-axis with a dividing plate to allow the adjustment of the stylus / part distance and the machine’s orientation. A custom tool per part is fixed on a vertical D-axis mounted on a rail. Each tool is placed on the mandrel of the axis. A plastic cone allows to clamp the part to the tool. If the size of the mark is important, the divider plate allows the part to turn on itself during the marking cycle.

The operator selects the suitable tool for the part to be marked. Once the part and the tool are clamped on the mandrel of the D-axis, he sets the stylus / part distance using the two manual axes. The operator also needs to adjust the machine’s angle using the divider plate. Finally, he launches the marking cycle. At the end of the marking cycle, the machine returns to its original position, the file pauses and asks the operator to remove the part from its marking position.

Marking solution:

  • Dot peen marking on cylindrical parts of different sizes and materials
  • Alphanumeric and Datamatrix codes
  • Machine in compliance with aeronautical standards