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e10 R i124s Scribing Marking Head


Simple integration

Superior Performance and Consistency

High speed, precise diamond stylus

Robust and Powerful

Designed for intense industrial use

Silent Marking

Engineered to reduce operating noise





VIN Marking


The integrated marking solution i124s is a powerful scribing machine that was designed for seamless integration into industrial production. Its virtually silent operation and large marking window allow this high performing machine to maintain a low cost of ownership with no consumables. The robotic cable is removable for fast and easy replacement. 

Its solid metal exterior shields the interior mechanics providing protection from oil, dust, and stray particles. Popular for its simple and straightforward integration, the i124s marking system is perfect for intensive use in industrial environments. 

This incredibly efficient scribing machine is delivered complete with integration software, programmable using the membrane-coated keyboard on the e10r controller. 

Mechanic features

Marking Window:

120 x 60 mm


18 kg


230 x 300 x 357.5 mm


Carbide or Diamond 60 mm

Connecting Cable:


Maximum Working Pressure:

6 Bar

Maximum Stylus Stroke:


Electronic features

Optimized for flawless integration on automated production lines, the e10 R controller has a sealed membrane keyboard and 480 x 272 pixels backlit LCD color screen, providing the operator with a direct and easy-to-use interface. It is equipped with an innovative microprocessor that offers immediate start up and smooth browsing, and its comprehensive software suite allows for linear, angular, radial, and mirror image marking. An optional 3rd/4th axis circuit board can be installed to control a motorized column and/or rotary axis. Self-diagnostic and machine history functions are also included. 

The e10 R can be mounted vertically in an electrical cabinet with a DIN rail mounting kit (optional). A fully enclosed steel exterior protects the internal components, allowing use in even the most critical industrial environments. 


112 x 380 x 222 mm


5 kg

LCD Screen Resolution:

480x272 p.


QWERTY-Integrated with Membrane Overlay


300 watt

Power Supply:

Single Phase (85 to 260VAC, 50-60Hz)

Number of Controlled Axes:

2 (3 and 4 available as options)

Card Options:

Booster (deep marking) and Ethernet (communication)

USB Port:

Transfer of Marking Files

Steering software

Marking Files:

More than 2000


7110 Ko

Alphanumeric Characters:

Serial Number, Date Coding


Create and Edit using PC Software


Arial, Courier, OCR, OCRA


Angular, Radial, Inverse, Mirror


Up to 5 Characters per Second

Character Size:

0.1 mm to 99 mm

Impact Force:

9 Adjustable Levels


Up to 0.5 mm

Resolution Between Dots:

0.05 mm

Maximum Stylus Stroke:

Up to 8 mm

Work Shift Management:

10 shifts

Password Protection:

3 Security Levels

Historical Function:

Available by Password

Maintenance Assistance:

Auto-diagnostic Component

Languages Available





RS232, RS422, USBx2, RS485 Profibus, and Ethernet Optional Board



External Keyboard Input:


External Output:

5V-0.5A and 24V-0.5A


Creation and Transfer Software

Files Backup on PC:

USB Key for Transfer

Database Link:



Maintenance Kit

Extended maintenance kits contain most common replacement parts for repairs or preventive maintenance, extending machine life.


  • Dot peen stylus assembly (if dot peen machine)
  • Origin detector
  • Stylus
  • Spring mechanism
  • A set of drive belts (depending machine type)
  • Vaseline oil lubricant (to be ordered separately)

Button box

 Box with on / off buttons. Remote system start/stop. 2.5 m connection cable to controller.


  • Can start marking cycles manually.
  • Easy plugging

Column and base for integrated marking system

This option enables mounting of a portable marking head into a set station to obtain a column-mounted system


  • Simplicity and flexibility:
  • Quick and easy handling and adaptation.
  • Low-cost option to enable transformation of portable or integrated marking heads into a column-mounted marking system to ease marking of small parts, identification plates, tags, etc.

D rotary axis for e10 range (electric version)

This option, available on any column, peen or scribing device, allows you to mark parts up to 35 kg and with a diameter up to 250 mm. It marks long parts (tube ...) with a through chuck. The control software is included.


  • 125 mm drill chuck
  • Cable between the axis D and the marking controller
  • Bits set for clamping parts on the inside: maximum bore of the part 116 mm tight
  • Bits set for clamping parts on the outside: 125 mm maximum diameter clamping
  • Third axis chip for the controller marking

D rotary axis for e10 range (pneumatic version)

This option, available for use with all e10 column-mounted dot-peen or scribing systems, allows marking of parts up to 35 kg and with a diameter of up to 250 mm.


  • Pneumatic clamping for quick insertion / removal of parts - well suited for medium and large series. 
  • A limited clamping stroke of 1.5 mm ensures maximum operator safety.
  • Control software included.
  • Only one connecting cable between the D axis and the marking system controller

Complete with 2 jaw sets:
Internal clamping jaws set: 116mm minimal internal diameter
External clamping jaws set:  130 mm maximal external diameter

Automatic Z axis 50-250mm stroke

The digital Z axis allows the marking head to access difficult areas or mark on several levels in one cycle. Available in various sizes.

  • 50-250 mm Z axis for integrated product range

Equipment needed
Third axis board integrated into the e10 controller. Powers and controls the digital Z axis.
Interchangeable axis
Used on all SIC Marking dot peen & light-duty scribing systems with minimal adaptation.


  •  Sturdy design based on stepper motors and lead screw
  •  Makes use of two industrial grade guiding rails
  •  Dedicated adapter plate to fit all marking heads
  •  Driven by third axis board integrated to the e10 controller
  •  Only one connection required: to e10 controller
  •  Advance speed : 50mm/s (2"/s)


  •  Part markings on different levels in same operation
  •  Can avoid obstacles in the marking area
  •  Allows displacement marking head for part removal
  •  Compact and easy to integrate, reducing integration costs
  •  Movement is controlled through e10 marking file, which avoids requirement for an external controller