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Laser plate chargers


The customer would like a plate charger to mark plates (dimension 71 × 44 × 0.5) in an automatic mode and plates of various dimensions (max 100 × 100 × 2) in manual mode.

Marking solution

The marking system is a laser marking head mounted in a protective sleeve with a setting of 2 focal lengths. The marking head is mounted on an automatic plate feeder. The entire system allows the marking of plates per unit or per series.
The values required for marking are sent via an Excel file directly to the PC. The operator must load the plates into the loading tray. On the PC, he selects the series of plates that he wants to mark and then launches the marking cycle. When the charger has brought the plate into the marking zone, the plate is clamped for marking. At the end of the cycle, the plate can then be removed from the unloading tray.
In manual mode the charger is deactivated, the marking system functions as a standard laser marking machine (such as an L-BOX). The operator opens the marking area, sets up the custom tooling and marks his plates in a manual and unitary way.


  • Marking of plates (71×44×0,5) using an automatic charger mode
  • Marking of plates of diverse dimensions (100×100×2 max) in manual mode
  • Marking window: 100×100 mm
  • Charger capacity: 200 plates