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Deep Data Matrix for carbon disk brakes


An aeronautical company wanted to improve the marking of various carbon disk brake products for aircraft landing gear.
More precisely, the client wanted to replace marking by milling (alphanumeric) with laser technology and to add a Data Matrix code (alphanumeric and Data Matrix) to optimise its production process.





Marquage profond de Datamatrix pour freins
Marquage profond de Datamatrix pour freins




Deep marking, as desired by the client, requires a high-power laser (0.7mm) and to this end, the integration of a laser solution.
In this case, SIC MARKING developed a complete laser station, equipped with a 100 W laser, to perfectly satisfy the client’s requirements.
This powerful laser guarantees deep marking, enabling the quality of execution to be improved and losses or reductions in quality be reduced.

The station is fed by 2 manual workstations, connected to the client’s system, to increase efficiency.

Marquage Datamatrix

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