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Direct and permanent marking on parts provides better traceability and facilitates production automation, stock management, batch control, quality control, storage defects and eliminates reading errors.

We develop traceability systems for all types of sector, such as medical, military, electrical or electronic equipment, construction or consumer products

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industrial marking machine manufacturer

The various types of permanent marking used in the industry can be applied with our marking technologies: dot peen marking, scribing and laser.

The nature of the marking, its definition, fineness, or the desired contrast will determine which technology to use.

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Other sectors
medical implant marking machine

Medical implant

Marking on medical implants before bending


Marking in the medical sector concerns various shapes and parts, sometimes complex and often sensitive.
After marking, the materials must remain chemically inert, for easy and effective cleaning in a minimum of time.

For example, dot peen or laser marking technology enables quick and safe identification of surgical instruments.

Combined with traceability software, data matrix reading ensures instrument traceability during the sterilisation process and in the operating theatre.

traceability marking station pacemaker

Medical pacemaker

Marking pacemakers using laser annealing technology


This sector concerns a wide variety of components related to the manufacture of land or sea vehicles, weapon parts, etc. The durability of the markings and their resistance when used in the most extreme conditions are essential.

luxury sector marking machine manufacturer

Luxury goods

Marking suitcase locks


A French company specialising in luxury goods called on SIC MARKING’s expertise for the marking of their suitcase locks and keys.

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Throughout our 30 years of development, we have built up our expertise in the automotive, energy, mechanical engineering, vehicle and transport industries.
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many examples of laser, dot peen or scribe marking applications in each of these sectors.

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