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Aluminium marking

Lightweight, resistant to oxidation and corrosion, aluminium alloy is a metal widely used in various industrial sectors.
In terms of marking and traceability, SIC MARKING has developed technologies perfectly suited to this versatile alloy.
Excellent engraving results are obtained with our laser, dot peen marking and scribing systems, whether the aluminium alloy be raw or treated.

aluminium marking machine

The material is derived from bauxite (ore) and undergoes multiple transformations before becoming aluminium (the bauxite is crushed, dissolved at high temperature, filtered, dehydrated, cooled and electrolysed).

In its natural state, aluminium is coated with a thin layer of oxide, which protects it from corrosion without any additional treatment.

Aluminium is one third of the density of steel, but is highly resistant to corrosion, chemicals, UV, and abrasion. It is among the most used materials, especially in the automotive industry, aircraft, energy, construction, electronics or transport.

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Aluminium characteristics


Aluminium alloy is light, resistant (to oxidation, acids and corrosion), durable, and is used both indoors and outdoors.
It may have a natural or coloured anodised appearance (protective surface treatment), brushed or lacquered.

industrial marking system for aluminium

Marking types


Aluminium gives quality marking results, both in terms of contrast and appearance.
This alloy is light and versatile, and is used for all types of marking: alphanumeric, 1D (barcode) / 2D (Datamatrix, QR code) or logos, in both shallow and deep marking.
Its low density makes it particularly attractive in the automotive sector, for new generations of vehicles (high-end and electric – NEV), in order to reduce their weight.

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Marking example


industrial solution for marking aluminium

Marking example


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Take a look at our flagship laser marking, dot peen marking and scribing equipment, used for our portable machines, integrated modules for lines or stand-alone marking stations.

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In addition to the conditions and requirements for marking a part, its inherent characteristics will determine the choice of the most suitable marking technology (laser marking, dot peen marking or scribing)

and the right marking machine (power, speed, portability, etc.).
The material, as well as the finish of the surface to be engraved, play a decisive role in making the right choice.

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