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Copper marking


Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. It is durable and easy to treat.
Copper is used in many sectors: energy, building (plumbing), automotive, telecommunications, construction and transport.
SIC MARKING dot peen marking machines give excellent results on copper.
We are also developing innovative laser applications, such as the stripping of copper wire insulators for new energy vehicles (NEVs).

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Copper is a rare metal. In its natural state, it is easily recognisable by its orange-red colour.

A material very present in industry for its ductile and malleable properties, its high thermal and electrical conductivity, and its resistance to corrosion. It is present everywhere in our daily lives (from kitchen utensils to the structure of our homes, it is also an indispensable component of our electrical and computer hardware)

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Copper characteristics


With a reddish appearance, copper is a soft and flexible material that can be found in many alloys.
This is one of the first metals worked by humans.
Forming an alloy with tin, copper is at the origin of a major technological revolution: the Bronze Age (2300 years before our era).
When it oxidises, the metal takes a greenish-grey hue, a phenomenon observed for example on the Statue of Liberty.
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Marking types

Copper gives quality results, both from the technical point of view (light or deep marking, surface cleaning, material stripping) and for the actual marking (alphanumeric, logos, 1D/2D codes).

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Marking technologies

Copper can be marked using laser technology, dot peen marking or scribing.
The range of dot peen marking machines guarantees highly legible contrasting markings.
In addition, the highly versatile SIC MARKING laser technology makes it possible to engrave and also to treat extremely precise surfaces (stripping of copper wire insulation for automotive assembly for example). Scribing also gives excellent marking results.

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In addition to the conditions and requirements for marking a part, its inherent characteristics will determine the choice of the most suitable marking technology (laser, dot peen marking or scribing)

and the right marking machine (power, speed, portability, etc.).
The material, as well as the finish of the surface to be engraved, play a decisive role in making the right choice.

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