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SIC Marking Group

Learn about our group, it’s core activity, its history, its values, its personnel, both in France and worldwide!


Our core activity


We work with our industrial customers to help them manage the quality and safety of their industrial processes.

For more than 30 years we have been supplying permanent marking and traceability solutions that enable them to identify, authenticate and trace their components, parts or finished products.


Our history


Our group was formed in 1992 and has been growing ever since, as a result of our development in new sectors, winning many local and international customers, in addition to many takeovers.

The increasing number of our distributor partners, and the opening of subsidiaries on the 3 continents have given us an acknowledged presence and international reputation.


Our international teams

We have 10 subsidiaries in other countries, mobilised for promotion, implementation and customer support in France, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Canada, USA, Mexico, China and Korea.

They also deploy our marking and traceability solutions locally on behalf of international groups.

Furthermore, our 40 exclusive distributor partners enable us, overall, to serve more than 50 countries worldwide.

The company SIC Marking was formed

SIC Marking, then known as the Société Industrielle de Commercialisation,

was formed.

First dot peening machine

Creation of the first dot peening bench marking machine, designed and manufactured by SIC Marking.

G.Barraud joined the company

G.Barraud, our CEO since 2011, joined the company as Technical Manager.
He created many new developments and product launchings, including the famous portable E-MARK, which is still one of our best sellers today.

Opening of our Canadian subsidiary.

Our Canadian subsidiary is formed.
The international route is open, and many subsidiaries are going to follow, the result of startups or the taking over of preferred distributors.

SIC Marking arrives in Germany

Following the takeover of WOSTOR, SIC Marking GmbH was

created in Germany!

Opening of our American subsidiary

Opening of our American subsidiary in Pittsburgh

First Laser machine

1st Laser machine manufactured by SIC Marking for

a prestige
sports car manufacturer!
SIC Marking is

the 1st manufacturer to adopt Fibre Laser technology,

which is still the most efficient today.

That year, SIC Marking also opened its subsidiary in China.

A new site at Pommiers

The company has grown a lot!
It moved into a brand

new building at Pommiers, close to Villefranche, in the heart of the Beaujolais region.

5 000 m² house all the head office and production centre personnel.

SIC Marking in Korea

SIC Marking Korea was inaugurated at Dongan.

SIC Marking Italia


Our preferred distributor in Italy, Global Network, joins

the group and becomes SIC Marking Italia.

An eventful year

An eventful year for the group!
Subsidiaries were created in the

United Kingdom and also in Mexico, following the takeover of our

preferred distributor VITRA.

Takeover of ZANIBONI

SIC Marking purchased ZANIBONI, a company specialising in the

manufacture of specific machines, in the Turin region.

The company is now part of SIC Marking Italia.

It was also the year that the group head office was extended

by 2000 m² to accommodate its continuing growth!

Takeover of Maatel

MAATEL, a company specialising in the design, manufacture and

integration of electronics boards, and a preferred supplier of

SIC Marking since 1997, was taken over and joined the

group.The same year, HUAPU was taken over by

SIC Marking China, with its own range of local

marking products for Asian markets.

The group’s 10th subsidiary was born

SIC Marking took over its Spanish distributor SIVART.

This was the birth of the Group’s 10th subsidiary!

Our values

For the last 30 years we have specialised
in industrial marking and traceability, with a team of more than
150 engineers, worldwide.
We have considerable expertise and experience in laser, dot peen and scribe marking technologies. We try to offer our customers solutions that enable them to manage their product quality and flows, in the particular context of their own
and of their
specific production conditions.

We are continually investing in research for new solutions that integrate the latest technological developments in our field and any changes in the markets in which we operate.
On average, we devote 10% of our revenue to R&D, which enables us to improve our solutions and to launch at least two new products on the market every year.

Our teams are driven by their quest for operational excellence.
In particular, this is applied through a continuous improvement action within our production personnel, resulting in an excellent quality level and on-schedule deliveries.

An expert’s opinion

This is what Anthony Sorribes – Operational Excellence Manager has to say



Maatel, specialist in the design, manufacture and integration of boards, electronic subassemblies and complete electronic products for 45 years, was taken over by the SIC Marking Group in 2020.

This absorbed expertise provides us with the latest technical progress for the development of our custom systems or solutions.


Our impact on the environment

The permanent marking technologies that we use offer the decisive advantage of not needing consumables.
Dot peening distorts the material at the impact points, the laser causes a local heat reaction on the surface of the materials and scribing scores the marking.

No need for labels, ink, etc., offering an unequalled durability in the quality of our markings.

The management of the energy consumed by our production machines, by our vehicles or for our buildings is strictly tracked, with the permanent objective of continuous improvement.

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