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VIN marking


VIN, Vehicle Identification Number: 3 letters for an acronym that has an essential place in automotive traceability and marking of parts.
The VIN number engraving is regulated and its traceability must be ensured for 30 years.

This standard serial number of 17 characters is marked on the vehicle chassis and is unique, thus ensuring traceability throughout the manufacturing process and also after leaving the factory.

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The VIN is a real “safety” asset for manufacturers and owners as this number is shown in the log book and allows owners to be notified when certain parts need to be checked or replaced.

It is also essential for the identification of stolen vehicles.

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Our integrated VIN engraving solutions


For the VIN to be perfectly preserved and identifiable over time, the quality of the number engraving is essential.
It requires a perfectly suitable tool, able to mark the hardest steels, and compatible with the constraints and requirements of automotive production standards.

Our VIN chassis marking solutions can be integrated into standard scribing or laser machines, which can be integrated into your production lines or custom solutions, according to your specific needs.

SIC MARKING has developed two complete and configurable solutions for its vehicle manufacturer customers: one for VIN scribemarking and the other for VIN laser marking.

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VIN scribing

The SIC MARKING scribing solution comprises:

  • a modern and fast I 124s scribing unit capable of engraving 17 characters, 0.3 mm deep, in less than 20 seconds
  • an E10 controller, known for its robustness and versatility (15 languages configured)
  • a specific clamping system developed by our team of specialists to secure the marking head on the body of the vehicle to be marked according to its geometry and the marking zone
  • dedicated software: SICVIN
  • the VIN read option allows the marking to be validated using a viewing camera and its shape and content to be analysed.
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Laser VIN

The Laser marking SIC MARKING solution comprises:

  • an I 104 laser marking head with an FU-4 controller
  • a safety funnel for securing the laser marking area
  • dedicated software: SICVIN.
  • the VIN read option allows the marking to be validated through a viewing camera and its shape and content to be analysed.

We propose the entire specific analysis related to the integration of this solution according to your industrial processes and your constraints.

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