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Marking for vehicles & Transport industry


The construction sector is producing increasingly sophisticated equipment: quality standards are high and manufacturing processes are automated.

In this context, the traceability of parts and components is also incorporated at all stages of manufacture.
Trains, buses, professional or private vehicles, construction site vehicles, etc., must bear permanent traceability markings throughout their life.

marking solution provider vehicle transport sector

Our test laboratory allows us to test the best laser or dot peen marking solutions on parts that are often in aluminium alloy, titanium or stainless steel, before each project.

In the transport sector, where marking reliability and traceability are essential, SIC MARKING puts its test laboratory at your disposal to define the tailor-made solution that precisely meets your needs. Our LASER, MICRO PERCUSSION and RADIATION technologies ensure legible engravings in all conditions (even under thick coats of paint), guaranteeing reliable, long-lasting traceability for your equipment markings.


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Vehicles & Transport
marking station railway sector

Rail transport

Traceability code marking on different steel wheel models, after processing

A pioneering rail rolling stock company, that develops, manufactures and supplies wheels, wants to ensure train wheel traceability.
This traceability needs to be evident right along the production line, as well as retracing lifecycle tracking in the event of a quality issue.
The wheels are machined on different workstations and conveyed by an automatic system.
All the models are different and are not consecutive.
The marking system must therefore be able to respond rapidly to these variations, with no human action being required.

engraving equipment manufacturer for vehicle chassis

Cycles and motorcycles

Marking on variable size chassis in hard-to-access areas

A seemingly conventional request, as it involves marking a VIN chassis numberon the frames of motorcycles, scooters and quads.
The aim is to develop a specific tool to ensure that the marking gun is held against the frame to be marked.
An appropriate tool has to be designed for each marking zone.
These tools must be attached directly to the marking gun mounted on a balancer.
The balancer is held against the frames by a pneumatic clamp.

heavy duty vehicle parts marking station

Heavy vehicles

VIN laser marking

A German group, a leader in the automotive sector, uses SIC MARKING expertise for marking VIN chassis numbers on its cars, vans and trucks.
The number marked is internationally acknowledged by all authorities and government departments responsible for approving and regulating vehicles.

marking machine supplier for agriculture parts


Marking nameplates with different formats to ensure the traceability of machinery

The customer wants to create a standard identifier plate for their various production sites around the world: France (5 plants), USA (2 plants), Germany, Italy, China, Brazil (2 plants) and the Netherlands.

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