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Marking for metallurgy & mechanics industry


We have many references in the implementation of traceability systems in metallurgy sectors such as forging, forming, stamping, cutting or machining… Depending on the material concerned, the expected rendering, your production conditions and traceability requirements, one of our laser engraving, dot peen marking or scribing solutions will be more appropriate.

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marking machine for metallurgy and mechanics sectors

All types of permanent marking are possible on the metal: product identification, serial number, logo, text, 2D code (datamatrix or QR), barcode, etc.

The type of metal to be engraved will be decisive in the choice of the best marking technology: steels, stainless steels, aluminium, titanium, carbides, brass, copper and their various alloys and treatments…
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Metallurgy & Mechanics
engraving solution manufacturer for metallurgy and mechanics parts

Reading of automotive part markings

High-speed Data Matrix marking and reading on different automotive parts


The client is an automotive supplier specialising in milling large runs of medium-sized parts.
They supply their customer with machined parts and complete sub-assemblies, such as gearboxes.
The majority of these parts require
marking and reading of a Data Matrix code.

high-temperature metallurgy part marking equipment

High temperature engine parts

Data Matrix marking and reading on engine components at a high temperature


SIC MARKING is involved in the identification of engine components for a large French automotive manufacturer.
What is distinctive about the parts is that they are very hot at the time of marking (aluminium casting at around 300°).
The crankcases processed, with a raw as-cast surface, are shot-blasted and have a grainy surface finish.

aluminium part marking station manufacturer

Aluminium alloy part

Data Matrix marking and reading on aluminium parts


Our client is a Swiss company specialising in casting.
It makes die casting machines for producing aluminium parts.

The managers of the casting company contacted SIC MARKING, as they wanted to be able to provide a marking solution in their casting cells, to identify parts and guarantee their traceability.

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Throughout our 30 years of development, we have built up our expertise in the automotive, energy, mechanical engineering, vehicle and transport industries.
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many examples of laser, dot peen or scribe marking applications in each of these sectors.

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