Dot peen marking on chassis | Sic Marking

Dot peen marking on chassis

Customer's need

  • VIN engraving on frames of mini trucks and trailers manufactured with welded steel.
  • Marking ID plates with the same machine during the same marking cycle.

Advantages / Summary

Study of a custom magnetic front P122 portable system to mark the chassis. The challenge was also to provide a plate holder that could fit with the specific front.


Machine cycle: Select the marking file. Marking of the frame, hold in position thanks to front end equipped with a magnet. Then marking the same code of the nameplate. The VIN number is entered only once by the operator, there is no risk of mistake. 


  • The solution enables a clear and precise VIN marking preventing any interference during the marking operation.
  • Enter once the VIN number, no risk of error.
  • Marking the frame and the plate with the same means of marking.