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Dot peen marking of drive shafts

Customer's need

Dot peen marking on drive shafts: on the generatrix and on the shaft end. The shafts may vary in length and diameter. 

Advantages/ Summary

Adapting a dot peen system on motorized column. Autosensing function for automatic detection of height. Housing with safety light curtain. Shaft holder for marking the end of cylinders. Rotary axis with a stepper rotary axis (Diameter 50mm). Tailstock for supporting long shaft. 


Machine cycle:  Positioning of a shaft in a vertical or horizontal position. Automatic detection of surface by the marking head thanks to the autosensing feature. Marking on the generatrix of the shaft or shaft end.


• High versatility, fit to all types of shafts
• Marking on generatrix or shaft end