Dot peen marking for heavy and cylindrical parts

Customer's need

Our client wanted to mark spherical and bulky parts. The marking has to be visible after treatments.  
Marking can be difficult because of the part shape but also because, the area is grinded down prior to marking and the marking force has to be high. Thus, with the previous marking solution, the manipulator used to slip and the result was a bad marking quality.  

Advantages/ Summary

The solution suggested by SIC Marking is a portable dot peen marking machine. The controller and the marking gun are on a cart which makes moving easier. The cart is equipped with a battery system which avoids using extension cord. To optimize marking quality and make it easy to use, the marking gun is equipped with a magnetic clamping. 




The solution suggested by SIC Marking is a machine very easy to use for cylindrical and bulky parts guaranteeing a high marking quality.
The marking shown on the left is pointed up using a paint prior to mark.