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Laser station with an automatic tag feeder

Customer's need

The customer would like to mark product references on stainless steel tags. These tags have three different sizes and exceptionally some other sizes.

Advantages/ Summary

The laser system is a wider XL Box station, equipped with a three-way tag loader and a smoke extractor. The system operates automatically and manually according to the intended use. The operator installs the tags in one of the three stackers of the tag loader. Then, he uses a computer to launch a series of tags in accordance with the database’s indications. During the marking cycle, the machine is completely autonomous. Finally, the operator can retrieve the tags from the dedicated receiver. If the operator chooses to mark an oversized tag, he can operate the machine manually. For this, the operator places the tag in a custom made tooling before he starts the marking cycle. 



  • Laser marking on tags
  • Tag sizes in automatic mode: 37 x 52 x 0.5mm - 13 x 52 x 0.5mm - 74 x 105 x 0.5mm  
  • Maximun size in manual mode: 170 x 170 mm
  • Alphanumeric and logo marking  Global cycle time: 2 min (varies according to tag sizes)
  • Marking time: 40 s (varies according to tag sizes)
  • Tag loader capacity: between 150 and 200 tags (depending on size)