In spite of the unprecedented pandemic crisis that impacts many players in the industrial sector, SIC MARKING GROUP continues its international development. This time, it is SIC Korea that makes the news. The Asian subsidiary, created in 2016, invests in new offices south of Seoul - thus developing its presence in the country.

The location was the subject of considerable reflection with a view to resolving various issues. SIC Korea's Managing Director, Mr. Yh OH, explains: "Most industrial customers are located west or south of Seoul, where the new office is easily accessible. The move has saved us at least 30 minutes of driving time compared to the old office, which is not negligible. This new location also has advantages for our customers. They can now visit us more easily thanks to the many public transport and road links». This new address makes it possible to develop the commercial presence and offer a quality service to customers thanks to its presence in a recognised industrial zone with better accessibility.

But that's not the only reason. Mr. Yh OH raises another point, "The old office was not at all attractive in terms of recruitment. It was quite isolated and not easily accessible by public transport. The brand new building, completed in December 2019, has a surface area of 100m² and offers a refreshing working environment while giving a serious and professional image". The move to these new offices is also intended to improve the company's brand image, an important component of business development, but also to develop the employer brand, which is essential in recruiting new talent.

Often perceived as a constraint by a company's employees, the move of the SIC MARKING group subsidiary was positively accepted, especially by Mr HEO, recently hired by SIC KR. Moreover,  the subsidiary's new technician was able to plan his move in line with the company's move and be less than 1 km away, allowing him to walk and enjoy the area on his commute to work.


New address:

Room 307, Hogye Desianplex, LS-ro, Hogye-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea