Scribing Technology

Precise, Reduced Noise Marking

Scribing is a marking process whereby the mark (text, logo, codes) is produced by a carbide or diamond tip that penetrates and indents the surface. This produces a deep groove that forms continuous lines across round, concave, flat, or arched surfaces, and on almost any material.

Also called "drop and drag" or "scratch marking," scribe marking machines are an ideal choice for applications where noise level limitations are imposed. If dot peen markers are considered too noisy when used on steel pipe, for example, a pneumatic scribe machine might be preferred. SIC Marking's scribing technology guarantees a high quality mark and is ideal for requirements that include Optical Character Recognition (OCR). 

Notable Features Include: 

  • The possibility of deep permanent marking (total customization!);
  • Near inaudible marking;
  • High speed performance;
  • Long-term reliability;
  • High readability;
  • Powered requirements include electricity and air.

Scribing technology is a reliable marking solution that has made the SIC Marking Group a world leader in industrial marking.