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VIN Marking

VIN is a 3 letters abbreviation for "Vehicle Identification Number". It addresses a serious matter for automotive safety and parts marking. Indeed, this identification number (marked on the car body) helps to ensure traceability of a vehicle throughout the manufacturing process, but also after it leaves the factory. As the VIN number is listed on the registration documents, management of the VIN number provides a real traceability advantage. For example, it can greatly reduce the amount of cars recalled if a manufacturer needs to replace a faulty component. Reading of VIN markings over time requires consistent high quality marking.

SIC Marking has developed a comprehensive and adaptable VIN Marking System to respond to all situations and applications.

This concept is based around three main components:

  • A modern and fast scribing unit e10 i113s capable of 17 characters in less than 20 seconds, with 0.3 mm depth.
  • An e8 controller known for its robustness and its versatility with more than 15 languages available.
  • Dedicated software: SIC VIN.

In addition, a “reading” option allows automated validation of the vin number engraving through vision analysis of shape and contents. This is a global concept that SIC Marking adjusts to customer requirement in order to propose a custom solution for each project. With many communications options available (I / O, RS232, Profibus, Ethernet, Jbus Profinet) and the possibility to create dedicated custom software, SIC Marking's efficient and robust VIN concept has already been chosen by numerous car manufacturers across the world.