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Data Matrix marking on cast parts of variable sizes



A manufacturer of cast aluminium parts contacted us with a specific request for marking parts of different sizes, after a milling operation.
The company has constraints relating to integration into its production line (lack of space, a humid and dusty environment) and requirements in terms of the quality of marking.





Marquage Datamatrix
Marquage Datamatrix

The SIC MARKING solution

A specific laser marking station developed jointly with the client’s engineering team.
This station is derived from an XXL-Box to accept taller parts.

The station is equipped with an i104 HD laser for rapidly producing high-contrast markings.

To withstand humidity and dust, the station is equipped with a suitable protective mechanism and an air cleaning system for the glass protecting the laser lens.
In addition, the configuration and maintenance processes are optimised to facilitate intervention.

SIC MARKING’s experts helped the client specify the equipment and the results obtained are produced by a series of tests conducted in advance and approved by the client

xxl box

Our product reference


  • Standard or custom
  • Large parts
  • Full modularity

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