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Re-marking a VIN by dot peen marking outside the production line to avoid product losses



SIC MARKING is a VIN scribe marking specialist.
Our client, an automotive giant, has acquired our scribing machines for VIN marking its standard products.
A vehicle cannot be sold without its identification number.
In this case, the luxury car brand asked us to devise a VIN re-marking solution outside its standard production workflow.
A dot peen marking machine from our portable range perfectly fulfils the client’s requirements.
A vehicle cannot be sold without its identification number.





Remarquage d’un VIN par micro percussio
Dot peen marking
Remarquage d’un VIN par micro percussion




SIC MARKING offered this luxury car brand a custom solution.
It comprises a P123 gun from our standard portable range, equipped with a specific front for attaching to the marking area.
This is a flexible product that can be taken anywhere in the plant and which, therefore, facilitates marking outside the standard production workflow, at the end of the production line for example.

Our product reference




  • Large marking window
  • Heavy use
  • Deep marking option

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