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VIN scribe marking and laser marking of the associated plastic labels



All motor vehicles have a VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number), which must be deeply engraved on their chassis.

SIC Marking is a global VIN scribe marking specialist and offers suitable solutions, using different technologies, to meet this need by adapting to each manufacturer’s specific requirements.
Therefore, the client asked us to supply them with a machine that could engrave the VIN number on the chassis, as well as a machine enabling the VISIVIN adhesive label to be marked.






Marquage VIN par rayage
Marquage VIN par rayage




SIC MARKING provided a turnkey solution for the VIN code scribe marking system and the laser marking station for adhesive labels using state-of-the-art technology.

SIC MARKING performed a complete study of the station (mechanical, electrical, automatic, IT study), produced the machine in its workshops and then installed and commissioned it in the client’s plant.

The VIN marking solution comprises a marking system, a barcode reader, a securing device, a supporting manipulator arm, a controller communicating with the client’s PLC and specific SIC VIN software.

With regards to the laser marking station for labels, all of the equipment associated with marking is integrated into the workstation.
This includes the electrical cabinet, the workstation with a PC, a barcode reader, the fibre laser marking system, the cutting mechanism, etc.

Our product reference




  • VIN marking
  • Wide marking window
  • High speeds

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