XXL-Box Laser system | Sic Marking

XXL-Box Laser system


Record dimensions with a choice of several widths (800, 1200 or 1600 mm)

Tailor-made design

Choice from an unlimited number of custom options

Robot and Collaborative Robot Mode

Laser fully controllable by the automation of a robotic cell

Ytterbium-doped fiber laser

Power from 20 to 50W, fast high contrast marking





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The largest marking station on the market

The XXL-Box allows the marking of large parts. With a 820 mm depth and the ability to mark 520 mm parts high, this marking station has the largest volume on the market. 

In order to meet different needs, the XXL-Box is available in 3 width (800, 1200 or 1600 mm) and can be equipped with an unlimited number of standard and customized options, making it a particularly modular machine : 

  • Control by the automation of a robotized cell 
  • Manual or motorized horizontal movement of the column
  • Divider axis
  • Drawer for heavy parts
  • Suction and filtration system
  • 3D marking or integrated reading system can be added at any time
  • Etc.

The XXL-Box is equipped with a Ytterbium-doped fiber laser source. This latest generation technology is extremely durable, easy to implement and requires no maintenance costs.

Capable of marking alphanumeric, barcode and 2D Datamatrix codes in clear or deep text, the SIC MARKING laser marks all metals and plastics. The result obtained is readable with the naked eye or by proofreading cameras in a few hundredths of a second.

Mechanic features

Marking window :

60 x 60*mm / 100 x 100 mm / 170 x 170 mm / 220 x 220*mm  / 300 x 300*mm (*contact us)

External dimensions :

1020* x 1040 x 1850 mm

*Modular width: 1020, 1420 ou 1820 mm

Work zone :

1337 x 800 mm

Dimensions of the marked parts : 

Height max. 520 mm, Length max. 1337 mm

Security :

Secure closing of the class box 1 (standard EN 60825-1)

Electronic features

The XXL-Box laser marking station has been designed to work with the Fiber Unit controller.


Ytterbium doped fiber laser

Mode of operation :

Pulse (variable frequency)

Wavelength :

1064 nm

Length of optical fiber :


Average power :

20W, 30W ou 50W

Focusing :

Integrated laser pointer

Cooling :

By air only

Steering software

The XXL-Box works with SIC Laser PC, a proprietary software that runs on any PC with a Windows operating system. Marking files can be created and edited directly via the software, and a multitude of configuration options allow complete customization of the marking. You have the ability to improve contrast and optimize cycle time by changing speed, frequency and power. 

SIC Laser PC is user-friendly and requires minimal training to operate effectively:

  • Create and edit marking files (drawing, text, barcode, Datamatrix...)
  • Several stylus settings (speed, power, frequency, etc.)
  • Font options: True Type, 1D barcode, 2D Datamatrix
  • Import images (.bmp,.jpg) and vector files (.plt,.dxf,.ai)
  • Database function: link to external files (.txt,.xls)
  • Marking of cylindrical parts
  • Integrated input / output


3D marking function: automatic adjustment of the marking plane

Features and characteristics : 

  • Marking of parts of various geometries: with shoulder, recessed or rounded surfaces
  • Height compensation up to 80 mm. The automatic adjustment of the marking plane is carried out from +40 to -40, which makes it possible to mark higher part heights.
  • Quick reference changeover

Advantages : 

  • Easy integration
  • Adjustment of the working distance by software
  • No movement of the head to change the marking plane 

Built-in playback function

Once the cycle is started, the 2D code is read immediately after marking. The reader communicates the result (code content and grade): an automated system or software then uses the data.


Features :

  • Integration of a high-resolution camera in the laser head
  • Marking and code reading on all types of materials, difficult surface conditions
  • Reading of standard 2D codes (QR-Code, Datamatrix)

Advantages :

  • Saving time and productivity
  • Marking and immediate reading without movement between operations
  • The reading is done in the axis of the code, there is no distortion of the image
  • Marking verification according to ISO 29158, ISO 15415, ISO 9132....

Communication cards

SIC Marking laser marking machines can be connected to the industrial network without any additional equipment. Our systems are already equipped with full connectivity (E/S TOR, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232), and also offer many opportunities for dialogue with all the elements that make up their environment. Our machines can be integrated and interfaced very easily in any production lines that use Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet IP fieldbuses. Direct connection to the industrial network provides considerable time savings, reducing the cost of machine installation, engineering and commissioning.

Button box

Box equipped with 2 on/off buttons.
The connection is made from the controller with a 2.5 m cable.

Advantages :

  • Allows you to start a cycle manually.
  • Allows to postpone the start and stop of the marking.

Rotation axis

This option allows cylindrical parts to be marked on the circumference or the generator. It drives parts weighing up to 3 Kg and with a diameter of up to 150 mm. The control software is included.

Features : 

  • 80 mm chuck
  • Connection cable between the D axis and the marking controller
  • One set of jaws for clamping workpieces from the inside: maximum clamping of the workpiece bore of 116 mm
  • One set of jaws for clamping workpieces from the outside: clamping with a maximum diameter of 125 mm
  • Axis management by marking electronics

Digital Z axis 50-250 mm for column system

Digital Z axis for column systems allows the marking head to access hard-to-reach or to mark a part on several levels in the same cycle. Available in different approach strokes. 


Necessary equipment :

Third axis board integrated into the e10 controller, this board supplies and controls the digital Z axis.

Features : 

  • Stepper motor 
  • Two guide rails 
  • Screw drive 
  • Adapter plate according to the marking head
  • Third axis card to be inserted in the e10 controller 
  • Connection cable to the controller
  • 50 mm/s travel speed

Advantages : 

  • Parts marking on different levels
  • Avoid obstacles in the marking area
  • Allows the head to be cleared after marking
  • Compact and easy to integrate, reduces integration costs
  • The movement is included in the marking cycle, which avoids the need for external intervention by a PLC.

Smoke extraction system

Vacuum cleaner with different filtration levels. The collection of fumes and particles is mandatory. It protects individuals, but also the required equipment. 

Features : 

  • Clutter : vacuum 365x504x740 mm
  • Equipped with a pre-filter, a high efficiency sybmicron air filter, and an activated carbon filter.


Advantages : 

  • Compliance with environmental standards 
  • Compliance with labour legislation
  • Prevents lens fouling

Horizontal movement axis

Manual or motorised horizontal movement of the column.