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Integrated Laser i104 L-G

Easy Integration

Small marking head and user-friendly interface


Deep, fast marking on a range of materials

Robust and Reliable

Extended component life expectancy, maintenance free, warranty up to 5 years


All marking types: alphanumeric, logos, bar codes, 2D Datamatrix





2D datamatrix code

Bar code


QR code

Laser marker for traceability

The i104L-G laser marker was engineered for seamless integration into industrial production lines. Thanks to its superior quality marking and high work pace level, the i104L-G enhances traceability and identification processes with very low operating and maintenance costs. 

The i104L-G is a integrated marking system capable of marking on a range of materials including steel, titanium alloys, and most plastics. It will mark alphanumeric, 1D bar codes, 2D Data matric codes, graphics, and complex logos, all with a high level of precision and contrast. The compact dimensions of the marking head simplify integration. Control of the laser head can be achieved through the Fiber Unit Controller, or with a PLC interface.  The i104 range is modular, can be upgraded all the product life with various options like 3D Marking or 2D code reading 

Mechanic features

Marking Window:

60 x 60*mm / 100 x 100 mm / 170 x 170 mm / 220 x 220*mm / 300 x 300*mm (*contact us) 

Focal Distance:

160 mm

Weight of Controller:

19 kg

Weight of Marking Head:

5 kg


Class 4


Standalone Mode (without PC)

Electronic features

The i104 l-g fiber laser marking solution has been designed to operate with the rack-controller Fiber Unit. 


Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Laser

Operation Mode:

Pulsed (20 to 500kHz)


1064 nm

Optical Fiber Length:


Average Power:


Peak Power:

10 kw


Built-In Laser Pointer


Air-Cooled Only

Steering software

i104 L-G laser marking equipemnt operates on standalone mode, connected to the production PLC. The creation and modification of files can be done from any PC with a Windows OS using the SIC Laser Advanced software. A full range of customizable parameters are available which allow the user to, among other things, optimize cycle time and improve contrast and colors by changing the speed, frequency, and power settings. 


Advanced Protocol

Standalone Mode

Basic I/O for Cycle Management

File Selection by I/O


Automatic Z axis 50-250mm stroke

The digital Z axis allows the marking head to access difficult areas or mark on several levels in one cycle. Available in various sizes.

  • 50-250 mm Z axis for integrated product range

Equipment needed
Third axis board integrated into the e10 controller. Powers and controls the digital Z axis.

Interchangeable axis
Used on all SIC Marking dot peen & light-duty scribing systems with minimal adaptation. 


  •  Sturdy design based on stepper motors and lead screw
  •  Makes use of two industrial grade guiding rails
  •  Dedicated adapter plate to fit all marking heads
  •  Driven by third axis board integrated to the e10 controller
  •  Only one connection required: to e10 controller
  •  Advance speed : 30mm/s 


  • Part markings on different levels in same operation
  • Can avoid obstacles in the marking area
  • Allows displacement marking head for part removal
  • Compact and easy to integrate, reducing integration costs
  • Movement is controlled through e10 marking file, which avoids requirement for an external controller

Fume extractor

Vacuum apparatus to extract fumes & small particles produced by laser marking applications. Delivered complete with a pre-filter, a submicron particle high efficiency filter & a carbon filter.


  • Respect of environmental standards
  • Compliance with workplace legislation
  • Prevents fouling of the marking lens

Device dimensions: 365x501x740mm

3D Marking