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Our Integrated Solutions

Traceability through direct parts marking or DPM is a process used in many industries for product identification. Direct part marking is much more reliable than other options, such as applying labels. Marking systems using dot peen, scribing or laser technologies allow to mark high quality codes in any production condition. Marking directly on the product offers better traceability and facilitates production automation, inventory management, batch control, quality control / failure in storage and also eliminates code reading errors.

Your requirements:

The integration of an automatic system on a production line should address different constraints:


• Quality

• Reliability

• Space requirements

• Costs (ROI)

• Communication between systems

Our engagements:

• Ensure the full traceability of a part, an assembly or a process.

• Facilitate mechanical integration: we provide 3D drawings of our machines and can assist your engineering teams for design and modeling.

• Facilitate integration for the automation engineer: our marking tools are designed with the most recent industrial communication protocols, to easily adapt to production management and information systems.

Our integrated marking tools are designed to be placed at the heart of the production lines and used intensively. Their ease of integration and their high performance have built SIC Marking integrated systems a great reputation in all industries. These systems can also be adapted to specific needs and include identification systems with cameras.

With its unique expertise, SIC Marking offers complete marking and reading solutions, and also enable inter-system communications through custom software analysis, reporting and data archiving. Key parameters to high-performance part traceability solutions are character or datamatrix mark quality, use of adequate marking and reading systems and real-time data communication.