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Surgical instruments Traceability


Dot peen marking technology allows rapid and safe identification of surgical instruments. Combined with traceability software, reading Data Matrix codes guarantees the identification of surgical instruments during the sterilization process and in the operating room.

The Data Matrix code can be read by either a portable reader or a built-in camera. This process has been used many times in major hospitals in Europe and North America.


Engraving solution

- Versatile clamping system with control camera
- Reading codes for surgical instruments traceability
- Database Administration
- Specifically designed to engrave surgical instruments, this machine is easy to use. An integrated camera assists the operator to properly place the instrument and then checks the code quality using an automatic replay.


Marking a Data Matrix code: the carbide stylus marks the code with a successive impact. The marking is permanent on the instrument and does not alter the mechanical structure of the instrument. The identification management of the tools avoids loss of information, and insures a follow-up during the sterilization process.